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The South African Falconry Association is the umbrella governing body representing South African falconers since 1991 through their respective provincial falconry clubs.

There are no individual members of SAFA. Falconers belong to SAFA through their membership of a provincial club.

2021 is our 30th anniversity. Join us in acknowledgement of  our South African falconry heritage


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Why is it a Falconer’s responsibility to practice falconry properly?

“Because.......every time any one of us picks up a bird we are not only responsible for what we do in relation to our own bird, but also to the entire history and the entire future of falconry. We are, each of us, electing to take responsibility for something which has been practiced long before we were born and which will continue long after we die. If we cannot be true to the obligation to secure it for the future by virtue of the way we practice it in the present....then we have no right to call ourselves falconers and we are entirely disgraced by our ineptitude. Do it properly or don't do it at all.”